As Star Plus' Gulaal readies for its major highpoint of Deeyar Vatu, we wonder if this track can help the show regain its lost TRP....

Star Plus and Sphere Origin's Gulaal has reached a dramatic highpoint wherein after Vasant's (Rahil Azam) death, Gulaal (Mansi Parekh) is left stranded and has to make the decision of her life, that is whether to leave Talsagra as a widow, or to stay back to protect her family and nurture her husband's dream...

The fact however, is that though the show is moving towards its major concept of Deeyarvatu, the show on the whole has been faring very badly on the ratings chart. Gulaal had not opened to great TRPs, but was faring on an average basis with a TRP hovering near the 3 mark. But the death of Vasant has indeed brought down the ratings, which now stands at a dismal 2 mark.

The slow story post Vasant's death has only left the audience to wonder whether there is anything more left in the show!! Even the Maha Episodes shown recently have not been able to get a decent rating, and this is certainly a matter of concern for the channel and production house!!

At this stage comes the Deeyar vatu, the custom wherein a woman is encouraged to marry her brother-in-law (devar) after the death of her husband.

With Motabha ill and Paanba tending to him, there is nobody to protect Vasant's youngest brother Kesar. Now Gulaal has a decision to make, and will stay back to protect the family and gets with the tradition of Deeyarvatu and marries her 10 years old brother in law.

The question that prevails now is - Will this track really work? Can it have a stong connect with the viewers?

We contacted Mansi Parekh who confirmed that the Deeyar vatu is indeed happening, in which Gulaal choses to marry Kesar and not the evil Dushyant (Sushant Singh).

Talking about the dipping TRPs Mansi says, "Apparently viewers wanted to see more of Rahil Azam on the show as he is a fine actor. The show has lost on TRP's after his death, but I am sure that with this twist, our ratings will definitely grow up."

Like Mansi, we also hope that this twist works in favour of the show!! But will it really happen? Only time will tell...