Pia is shell-shocked to see the real face of Abhay in Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani. Will Pia's love for Abhay survive the hidden truth?

The major twist of Abhay's (Vivian Dsena) revelation is on the cards in Star One's Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani. And what is to be watched is whether the relationship of Abhay and Pia (Sukirti Khandpal) withers out or will get stronger!!

In the coming episode, Pia will overhear Abhay's parents discussing about his sudden change in behavior, and planning to send him off to Dehradun. Pia who is completely shattered on hearing this will then decide to dig out the secret behind Abhay's strange actions by taking the ultimate risk of putting her life in danger!!".

The episode to be aired on February 1st will see Pia putting her surrounding area on fire, just to see how Abhay reacts to the situation.

Our source states, "Pia puts fire to the area surrounding her, and will be in danger of getting burnt in the fire. The fire will erupt so badly that it will be impossible for Abhay to save her without becoming his real self. Pia will with her own eyes visualize the transformation in Abhay in which he will turn to be a Vampire. He saves Pia from the engulfing fire, but his new look with long teeth and scary look will shake Pia a lot. She will be scared to death and will not know how to react".

We hear that the actors and the creative team have put in a huge effort in getting this scene right. Vivian we believe has performed a lot of stunts on his own.

When contacted, Vivian Dsena told us, "It is a big twist in the show; I do not want to say anything as the viewers should not miss it".

How will Pia react when she gets to know that the guy she is madly in love with is actually a Vampire?

Fasten your seat belts as the Vampire will be in action tomorrow, February 1st on the Star One and Balaji Telefilms show..