Jan 29|2011

Kapil Nirmal, popularly known as Yudhishtir of " Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat", talks about his new role and things close to his heart

Come February and we'll see you in a new show "Pardes Mein Mila Koi Apna" on Imagine TV. Could you give us a lowdown on it?
It's not any saas-bahu saga, but a different kind of a love story. It's a story of Neeru, Chandu and Sarje Rao. Neeru hails from UP, comes to Maharashtra and falls in love with Chandu, a Marathi boy who is Sarje Rao's brother (the character that I play). The plot revolves around the day-to-day happenings of life, our challenges and struggle to make a change in our lifestyle for the better.

How would you describe your character as Sarje Rao?
He is a gangster but not a goon. He is a brat but loves his family too. Born to a constable father in a family of six, he, after seeing hardships in his life wants to see a life that is worth living. With this, he also has his ups and downs with the family.

How has been the transition been from playing a king in the serial "Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat" to a gangster in "Pardes Mein Mila..."?
Yes, the character that I play here is aggressive and wants to change certain things in his life. For an actor, switching roles, to get into different genres is important. Then only he can justify himself as an actor. I am certain people would accept me in this slightly negative role as well.

With two fiction programmes and two reality shows lined up for you, what's your pick - fiction or reality?
Fiction lets you satisfy your creativity as you are playing different characters, which are at times challenging. But reality makes viewers see the real you, as you are on your own and it shows what you are. I am comfortable either ways. I am not a great dancer but a good learner. But I want to be seen in films, they are my priority now.

We saw you with Anjali in the dance show "Nach Baliye" in 2008. What's brewing up these days?
Yes, Anjali was a good friend then, and we paired up well. Till date we are great friends. I am focussed on my new serial "Pardes Mein Mila..." and even she is all geared up for her new assignment. But we are not dating each other and in fact, I am not dating anybody. So, nothing's brewing up, really.