Itís sad when someone close to you accuses you for nothing and Siddharth (Abhishek Tewari) is feeling sad these days in Chand Chupa Badal Mein after his ex-lover Nivedita (Neha Sargam) held him responsible for proving her mad and called him the Ďreal culprití.

A source says, "Siddharth has taken a vow to anyhow find out the truth about Nivi's stalker. He will soon look out for clues and happens to find few evidences too. Siddharth is already suspecting Viren and his strange behaviour. He feels Viren has something on his mind and is trying to spoil his image in front of Nivi and the Sood family.

Initially, Viren will get succeed in hiding all proofs against him but Siddharth will stumble upon some startling evidence as most of Nivi's attacks are related to Viren. However it will take some more time for him to reveal it."

Abhishek says, "There are some scenes where Siddharth will definitely come close to solving the entire mystery. But due to some reason he fails to prove Virenís involvement.Ē