Kamini (Sonia Singh) is playing her cards right to win over the trust of Punpunwali (Smita Singh) completely, in Bhagyavidhata. But it is becoming tough for Phulsania to improve herself in front of Punpunwali and in fact will soon land herself in more problems.

A source says, “The entire family is busy celebrating Kamini’s birthday. Kamini sends Phulsania to the kitchen to get some snacks. Unfortunately Phul doesn’t understand how to operate the microwave oven and presses the wrong buttons. Before she realises what is happening, the oven burst into pieces. Everyone rushes to the kitchen to know what is wrong, they watch Phulsania in a bad condition, though she has not injured herself, she has to face the wrath of Punpunwali. Punpunwali is furious and punishes Phul for ruining Kamini’s gift. She orders her to clean the entire kitchen all alone and not to be part of the rest of the celebration. Later everyone will have a nice time playing antakshari and Phul will miss out on the fun.

“We are also working on a track where Raja Bhaiyya will return in the show and Suraj’s attitude will change towards Punpunwali.”

Sonia Singh, who plays Kamini, confirms this and says, “We are going cut to cut with the episodes, so I do not know what will happen post the birthday celebration.”