Debina suffered an injury back in Argentina while shooting for Imagine's Zor Ka Jhatka where she had to have stitches on her lower lip..

The names of contestants who suffered minor to major injuries while shooting for Imagine's Zor Ka Jhatka went on an ascending curve by the time the shoot got over. One such contestant who suffered a terrible accident that actually lead to her having stitches is Debina Bonnerjee.

Our source from the show states, "There were many people who got injured like Akashdeep Saigal, Gaurav Chopra, Payal Rohatgi, Debina etc. Debina had to in fact get stitches on her lower lips because of the fall she had".

We contacted Debina who is still to get out of the hangover of shooting in Argentina. "Yes, the cut on my lips was very bad. I have got few stitches and it is in the healing process now. Actually it was a very scary stunt and I had half a mind to back out of it. But at the last minute I decided to give it a try. While doing the stunt, my face hit the platform, but I neglected it to be a small injury. But my crew members asked me to consult the doctor immediately. And I was shocked when the doctor told me that I required few stitches on my lips. It was exactly 3 in the night in India and I so wanted to talk to Guru (Gurmeet Choudhary) then. I called him and he was so very supportive and of great moral support to me".

If sources are to be believed, Manas Katyal, one of the suitors of Rakhi Sawant in her Swayamvar had to move out of the show after fracturing his hand.

Well, we will get to see all these accidents happening right on our TV sets from February 1st on Imagine's Zor Ka Jhatka..