Pakhi will encounter lot many problems as she enters DadaBhai's house in Sahara One's Ganga Kii Dheej..

Sahara One's Ganga Kii Dheej finally saw the comeback of Pakhi (Leena Jhumani) and Agantuk (Mohit Raina) from the Narak Ka Dwar in yesterday's episode!! While the entire village is excited about their return, Mahamayi (Ashwini Kalsekar) knows that Pakhi is getting out from one hell only to enter another!!

The story will now focus on Pakhi's dilemma whether to choose Agantuk as her life partner or to get back to Shivam (Saurabh Pandey) who loves her so much.

Our source states, "Pakhi and Agantuk's shuddhi karan will happen in tonight's episode wherein they are made pure again to live their own life. Soon Pakhi will be taken into Dadabhai's (Kabir Bedi) house as his bahu. However, she will face problems in the house wherein certain situations and bad incidents get created in the house, and the family starts blaming Pakhi for it as they believe that she still remains impure. The innocent Pakhi broods over it, but is completely unaware that Dadabhai is the man behind all this, as he aims to destroy and kill her".

"In the meantime, Shivam will also decide to get Pakhi back into his life. He does not believe in the marriage of Agantuk and Pakhi. This will put Pakhi at a spot of bother because she is slowly but steadily developing feelings for Agantuk as he has stood by her in all her tough times", adds our source.

With this, the drama in Ganga Kii Dheek moves from the Narak Ka Dwar and gets into the household of DadaBhai now.. We hear that a new track with Sharmi's (Sonam Mann) comeback from Narak will also be worked out in the coming episodes..

Catch the trials and tribulations of Pakhi in Sahara One's Ganga Kii Dheej…