Bharti will soon leave Murli's house in the Imagine show which will force her father to take a major decision..

Bharti (Juhi Aslam) of Imagine's Baba Aiso Varr Dhundo is in big trouble as Prakash (Shobhit Aatrey) has run away from the wedding venue, even before his true color gets exposed before the family. This has put Bharti in a spot of bother, and Gaushala (Ashita Dhawan) makes it tougher for her by rejecting out rightly that she even had a word with Bharti about how bad a guy Prakash is.

There will be huge problem in Murli's (Vikrant Massey) family when Veena (Enrica Fernandez) tries to commit suicide. Though the family saves her at the right moment, Bharti is taken aback after seeing all the reactions in the house. She will ultimately decide to leave the house.

A source informs, "The family members are blaming Bharti for whatever happened to Veena. This forces Bharti to leave the house. With Bharti getting back to her father's house, her parents are very upset. Bharti's father then takes a major decision; he goes to Murli's house and yells at everyone present and orders them to leave his house within 12 hours".

This is something which comes as a shocker to each and every family member. But there is more bad news waiting, as they get to know that Gaushala has already sold their old house and they actually do not have a place to go once they leave this mansion.

We contacted Ashita Dhawan (Gaushala) and she confirmed the news, but refused to divulge any further details.

All our efforts to reach Juhi Aslam were in vain.

How will Bharti react when she will get to know that her father has in fact dragged her husband's family to the road?