Purva plans to leave the family while Smirti stops her in Star Plus' Behenein..

The sacrificial attitude of both the sisters Purva (Alisha Khan) and Smriti (Shiju Kataria) in Star Plus' Behenein has made matters worse!! Purva on one hand feels that she is the sole reason for Smriti's sorrow, while Smriti feels that she has come in between Purva's happy married life.

Purva who is now pregnant with Mihir's (Sudeep Sahir) child has not revealed this fact to anyone. She is contemplating to leave the house, and in tonight's episode she packs her bags and is all set to leave.

Our source states, "Purva will decide to quietly move out of the house. But Smriti understands that Purva is up to something fishy and will catch her red-handed. Smriti will try to explain it to Purva that she deserves to stay in the house and if at all, there is someone who is unwanted in the house, it is Smriti. She further tells Purva that she is absolutely correct from her view point and should not blame herself for anything".

We hear that instead of Purva, Smriti will decide to get out of their life.

We contacted Shiju Kataria to know more the same and she says, "I am really clueless about what's happening on the show."

This is when the next twist will take place and Karan (Karan Mehra), Smriti's husband will make a comeback to the show.