Dolly Bindra and Ashmit Patel have a heated argument inside the house that leads to tension...

Dolly Bindra is back at her aggressive best with the likes of Ashmit Patel and Veena Malik instigating her time and again!! The last two episodes showed a glimpse of Dolly's frustration towards the two of them, but in tonight's episode Dolly will be back in her normal avatar!!

We hear that all began when Dolly gets up in the morning only to see her kitchen in complete mess. She goes out and asks Ashmit and Veena whether they came to the kitchen and made it unclean. This starts a verbal confrontation between Dolly and Ashmit which goes beyond limits. Dolly calls Ashmit a 'Despo' and says that she has seen his desperate behaviour in Youtube. Ashmit goes wild and pushes Dolly while talking. To this, Dolly reacts even badly and asks Ashmit whether he is fed up of touching Veena, and is that a reason why he is trying to touch her. When Dolly bullies him even more, Ashmit targets her and asks her whether she has taken it upon herself to get girls for men. This is when Veena intervenes and tries to support Ashmit when Dolly tells Veena to stay away as she knows that she is a Pakistani w****. Veena retorts saying 'Dolly ek aurat ke naam pe cartoon hai, aurat ke naam pe dabba hai'.

Well, with the Bigg Boss house divided into three groups with Sameer, Khali and Dolly in one group, and Ashmit and Veena in another, and Shweta harbouring from one group to the other, the going is getting tougher inside the house..

And this fight between Ashmit and Dolly is only the beginning and much more dhamaka can be anticipated in the coming week.

We now wonder whether both Ashmit and Veena will survive this week to wage another battle with Dolly!!