DK's changed look and mindset will give rise to some intriguing moments in Imagine's Rakt Sambandh..

Imagine's Rakt Sambandh is going great guns and the icing on the cake is the comeback of DK (Vishal Puri), albeit in a new avatar.

Yes, we will soon see DK pleading for mercy, wherein he requests each of his family members to forgive him. With DK getting into the good books of one and all, the viewers will indeed smell something fishy.

Our source states, "From tonight, we will see a reformed DK who is extremely positive. He succeeds in getting close to his family members and there will be some dramatic scenes in the coming episodes".

But the intrigue of whether DK is faking to be good or not will always remain, and this will provide for an interesting watch.

If sources are to be believed, DK is only lying low and has a big plan up his sleeve. And the person who will provide him utmost support in this battle is Sarla (Rinku Karmarkar).

We tried calling Rinku Karmarkar but she remained unavailable.

On the other hand, Neeraj (Naman Shaw) and Sandhya (Sriti Jha) will come face to face in the Maha Episode scheduled for this Saturday. Though the actors have shot for the promo, the actual sequence has not been shot yet.

With Rakt Sambandh fetching a TVR as high as 1.4 this week and with the intrigue factor getting bigger and better, we can surely say that viewers will be glued in to the coming episodes…