Preet Se Bandhi Ye Dori… Ram Milayi Jodi will see new twist in the show when Goldie will slap Mona (Priyal Gor) and Anukalp (Nishant Malkani) will happen to see this and then a huge argument will take place between two men.

A source says, “Goldie is upset as Mona does not allow him to come close to her, even after their Roka ceremony. In the past too he tried to touch her but she plainly refused it. In forthcoming episodes when the couple will be all alone he starts pulling her towards him. Mona pushes him back and furious Goldie slaps her hard. Goldie feels offended and Mona gets emotional. Anukalp hears this all and enters in the room, Anukalp beats him and warns him not to misbehave with Mona ever or he will screw his happiness. He takes Mona to other room and consoles her; he also explains that she has taken a wrong decision of marrying Goldie. Anukalp tries to make her understand that Goldie is not a suitable boy for her, and he doesn’t deserve a girl like her.”

Our source further says,” Mona will not be completely convinced with this but she will eventually start trusting Anukalp. In between the duo were not on talking terms, however post this incident they will become friends again. On the other hand Anukalp will intimidate to leave his house if his mother forces him to marry some other girl. He also says that he is ready to live without Mona but he can’t accept anyone else as his wife.”

Priyal remained unavailable for the comment.