Murli (Vikrant Massey) and Bharti’s(Juhi Aslam) marital life is beset with troubles in Baba Aiso Var Dhoondo. As we reported earlier, after facing humiliation, Murli returns from his honeymoon in just two days. Now the latest update is that Bharti will go missing soon.

A source says, “Murli and Bharti’s relation is going to take a bitter turn in the coming episode. Murli is finding it difficult to get along with his wife, moreover Gaushala will demand some more money from Bharti’s parents. Bharti’s parents are going through a financial crisis and have sold their house. They are living at their manager’s house. When they hear that Bharti’s in- laws are demanding some more money, they decide to mortgage her mother’s jewellery. Bharti will visit her parents’ house and happens to overhear this conversation. She feels sad and leaves from there. She comes to Murli’s house; he realizes she is upset. Murli stops her once however Bharti is lost in thoughts and goes out of the house. Later everyone will start looking for her but she will remain missing for a few episodes. Thus Murli and Bharti will be separated for some time.

“Meanwhile our show is fetching good numbers for the channel and we are going to have one more high point after a week or so.”

Juhi says, “Bharti will suffer from some emotional trauma but I will not be able to divulge any details about it at this moment.”