Suhana (Ragini Khanna), the protagonist of Star Plus and Ravi Ojha Productions' Sasural Genda Phool is already under pressure, and feels that Sonali (Hunar Halli) is getting more importance in the family when compared to her.

In the coming episodes, Suhana will get all the more irritated and upset with certain happenings.

Our source states, "Soon the entire Kashyap family will play a 'Partners Game', a test to know how much one knows about his/her partner. While Suhana does not know anything about Ishan (Jay Soni), Sonali on the other hand knows everything about him and wins the game. This upsets Suhana a lot, and she just cannot believe that she has been defeated. The defeat hurts her ego a lot. To make amends, she goes to Shailaja (Supriya Pilgaonkar) and sits with her to know more about Ishan's childhood and his growing up days, so that she can gather enough information that can make her win the game the next time".

"Suhana's sorrow on losing the game is so evident that Ishan feels the pain. He is cross with Sonali and has a fight with her. Ishan along with few other members of the family feel that Sonali need not portray a picture always that she knows Ishan better than Suhana. This upsets Sonali all the more", adds our source.

Meanwhile, Shailaja will advise Suhana that she as a wife knows quite a lot about Ishan which nobody else can know, and she should be happy about their relationship.

Ragini Khanna states, "Yes Suhana's ego is hurt as she cannot believe that she has lost to Sonali. It is a very nice scene and you need to watch it".

How will Suhana overcome this defeat? Will the jealousy factor bring about a change in her?

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