Dutta's (Mishal Raheja) real sister Madhu will enter in the show in the coming episodes. Apart from her entry the big twist revolving around Nakusha's real face will be revealed during the wedding sequence.

A source says, “Madhu is very simple and positive person. Soni Singh will essay this role. Initially Dutta will not treat her well and even refuse to accept her as his sister. However eventually her caring behaviour will change his attitude. Meanwhile Dutta’s mother will announce a marriage date for Dutta and Nakusha. Since they had to marry in odd situations before, we are going to show all rituals in this wedding. Slowly the track will focus on the biggest revelation of Nakusha’s real identity. We are working a track how Dutta will confront her and how he would react. This incident will mostly happen before the wedding. Our team has been receiving many reactions for not showing Nakusha’s real face. We wanted to introduce this track earlier however there were some other interesting sequences which we wanted to highlight. Now it is high time that we should reveal it and audience will get to see it in few weeks.”

Soni Singh and Mahhi remained unavailable for the comment.

Soni has already started shooting for the show and her entry is likely to take place in the show in couple of days.