The audiences have been witnessing a lot of drama in Balika Vadhu in the past few episodes. The plot thickens this week as the truth behind Varun's fall will be revealed. Sugna (Vibha Anand) will finally let the family know the truth.

As per our source, “Sugna has already informed the family that Tausa was responsible for her child’s state. But, when his Dadaji and Dadi question Varun he does not say anything and the family doubts Sugna again and gets annoyed with her.However once Shayam is back the entire family tells him about what happened and how his wife has been blaming the family members. But, Shyam decides to talk to Varun before jumping onto any conclusion. However, Sugna won’t give up and she convinces Taisa to join hands with her who later on goes onto reveal Tausa's real face in front of the family. Then the whole family asks Tausa to leave the house. Taisa joins him and they walk out of the house.

When contacted Vikrant Massey refused to comment.