Munjal (Yasir Shah) was forced to marry another girl when he regained his voice in Shorr and thus entered Tejaswini played by Krystle Dsouza. The latest update is that her character will end within a week or so.

A source says, "Munjal's Dadi wanted Munjal to get rid of dumb Kanku and marry another girl and later agrees to keep her in the house only on the condition that Munjal will have to remarry as per her wish. She finds a suitable girl in Tejaswini. Kanku is sad but since she has no other option she agrees for the second marriage of her husband. Soon Tejaswini and Munjal's marriage preparations will start and Munjal's dadi will be very happy. But Tejaswini dies suddenly before she gets hitched to Munjal. No one knows the reason and thinks it is bad luck. Tejaswini's mother is heartbroken and she starts blaming Kanku for everything. She even tells this to dadi and also considers that Kanku is evil. Later it will be revealed that Tejaswini has committed suicide and her mother says that Kanku has instigated her daughter to do so, as Kanku never wanted Munjal to marry another girl. Dadi once again decides to throw Kanku out of the house."

Krystle remained unavailable for comment.

With this track Krystle's character will exit from the show, her cameo was of only eight episodes and by this weekend or early next week it will get over.