Nothing sets the TRPs soaring as a sob story from a contestant whose very participation in a show has evoked protest from certain groups. In the Indian telly show ‘Bigg Boss 4’, Pakistani actress Veena Malik, who is also the ex girlfriend of cricketer Mohammad Asif, broke down and recounted her sob story of a tragic and violent love affair with the beleaguered bowler presently in the thick of spot-fixing charges.

Malik revealed to housemate Shweta Tiwari that Asif was “not good looking”, “notorious” and he “trapped” her and also “cheated” on her.

“I knew he was cheating on me, but he denied it. I hired an agent and investigated him,” Veena told Shweta.

When asked how many girls he had affair with, Veena threw a bombshell.

“Ten girls! Three-four from India, four-five from Pakistan, South Africa, Australia everywhere,” Veena revealed.

The most shocking part of Veena’s confession was that Malik assaulted her physically and locked her up in the room.

“He used to hit me. I still have scars all over my legs and body … he has been disgusting to me.”