Balika Vadhu will have a new twist in the tale when Pratap's (Jahangir Vakil) parents will barge into Sugna's house and try to take away their family heir, Varun. The situation goes out of control and takes an ugly turn.

Our source says, "Pratap's mother happens to see Varun, she is hurt to watch his condition. She comes to know about his fall off the terrace. They blame Sugna and her in-laws for having failed to take care of Varun, so they decide to take their grandson with them. Sugna is shocked to hear this and her family is furious. Shyam and his parents protest. An argument follows and Shyam's tausa loses his mind and points a gun at Pratap's parents. Everyone tries to stop him, but he pulls the trigger and fires a bullet. Fortunately no one gets injured as Shyam intervenes. He then asks Pratap's parents to leave the house immediately.

“On the other hand Jagdish is seriously thinking of going to Mumbai for further education. He expresses his desire and once again his family shows their displeasure. But he will be firm on his decision after he will clear his medical entrance exam."

It is said Mahavir Singh who has just made his comeback in the show may support Shyam's Tausa for his action. And the plot thickens.