Rushad Rana, currently seen playing a grey character in Sanjog Se Bani Sangini is playing a pivotal role in YRF's upcoming show Bhagya, a desi version of Kane and Abel. The show is slated to go on air in December.

A source says, "We have just finished one schedule in Jaipur for Bhagya, our next shoot will start soon. Rushad is part of our show. He plays Hanif, a positive character. Bhagya is a very interesting story of two friends, who eventually turn into enemies. Hanif is Aditya’s friend; we will show their journey from 22 to 64. The show is set in 1964 and will cover till 2007, so we wanted someone to portray this drastic change of look and expression very well. Rushad was part of our Jaipur shoot. Viraf Patel plays Aditya and both will have their separate tracks in the show."

Rana confirmed to be part of the show but refused to divulge any details about it as he is under a contract.

Apart from Bhagya, YRF is also making Duty Bound for Sony. Bhagya is said to be based on Jeffery Archer's novel and also stars Rukhsar and Sameer Malhotra, Rasika Duggal from Powder and Khalida Khan.