Rani ma (Kishori Shahane) will try to kill Yashwardhan (Anas Rashid) in Aise Karo Na Vida in tonight's episode. As per our source, "Rani ma will send some goons to kill him but he will overpower them when Rani ma arrives with Aryaman (Rohit Purohit). Rani ma will take out her gun to kill Yash but she will fail to do so after which Aryaman will snatch the gun and shoot at Yash. Yash will get injured but he will fight back and in the ensuing fight, Aryaman will fall off the cliff. But Yash will save his life and Aryaman will beg for forgiveness."

The show is to go off-air tomorrow on a happy note. Our source adds, "The show will end with the crowning of Yashwardhan and Reva (Aastha Chaudhary) and Yash coming back together.

Rohit Purohit aka Aryaman confirmed the same and said, "When I had got this character I did not expect to get such a heartwarming response. Hence, I would like to thank everyone."

Anas Rashid says, "I will miss Yashwardhan for his personality he and the way he thought. I will miss him as much as I missed Prithviraj, my earlier character. For us actors I feel it's a new beginning for us and we will always be in touch."

Added, Aastha Chaudhary aka Reva, Its nice that finally Reva and Yash are together as that is what people wanted to see. Things happened at a very short notice but we winded it up well. I would just like to thank all our fans for being so supportive."