Behnein will have a new twist in the tale when Karan (Karan Mehra) spills the beans on how he saw Shamal (Manoj Mishra) drive a car crazily and kill Bhavesh's (Dheeraj Dhooper) sister Jigna.

A source says, "Karan claims to be the only eyewitness to this accident and wants to reveal the truth to everyone. But his wife Smriti is not in favour of this as she thinks it will hamper her sister Akashi and Shamal's married life. Karan won't be able to keep mum about this for a long time. Eventually the entire family will get to know about the incident, though he tries to tell everyone he hadn't hit anyone. Both Mihir and Bhavesh will go against Shamal and hand him over to the police. Akashi is confident her husband has not done anything and now Smriti will be suspicious too of this entire thing. She decides to find out the truth and comes across some shocking facts. It is said it’s Karan who has something to do with Jigna's death. But he will reveal only the half truth. Meanwhile there will be a relief for Akashi when Shamal will be out on bail for few days.” Akashi and Smriti are on a mission to find the real culprit while Mihir, Karan and Bhavesh think it is Shamal who was drunk during the incident. A big mystery is surrounding Jigna’s death and is waiting to be unfolded.