The upcoming episodes of Laagi Tujhse Lagan promise loads of drama when Damodar (Tinu Anand) will talk about his past; apart from this there is one big secret about his life which is likely to change his equation with Dutta (Mishal Raheja).

A source says, "Apart from the fact that Damodar is Dutta's father, he has been hiding from the Patil family. In the next two episodes his past will be revealed to everyone, though Dutta will not get to know this so soon. Later Damodar happens to leave some clue for Dutta to play the guessing game. Dutta finds out there is some connection between him and Damodar and then he comes to know the big truth about Damodar and his motto of returning in his life. A furious Dutta confronts Damodar and seeks all answers. At one point, he even points a gun at Damodar and is about to kill him. Damodar is against Dutta and initially he would be nice to him, but will later show his true colours. It infuriates Dutta as in the past Damodar had hurt his mother. We are going to shoot an action sequence where both Dutta and Damodar's lives will be at stake."

It is said that for the time being the focus will be on Dutta and Damodar with the Dutta-Naku love story thrown in. The makers were initially planning to unveil Naku's real face but now it has been postponed for a few weeks.