Few months back when Miley Jab Hum Tum was spruced up with a new set of actors like Sreejita De, Meer Ali and Nikhil Chaddha, no one thought that in few months’ time things would change so drastically and the cookie would start crumbling. Sadly enough, things don’t seem to be well behind the scenes for the serial.

Today the entire focus is on Nupur's (Rati Pandey) character as she has regained her memory, something no one could have thought of when the show was re-launched.

For obvious reasons, the focus will be shifted from the new characters in the coming weeks and the characters of Nupur and Mayank will be in focus in the coming episodes. Expectedly, not everyone is happy about this development. Particularly those, who had hopeful about joining the show. Rumours doing the rounds say that both Nikhil and Sreejita are not happy about this development and may leave the show soon.

For similar reasons, Meer Ali stepped out of it a month back. Interestingly Ash (Sreejita) and Rohan (Nikhil) are hardly seen in the show nowadays.

Nikhil says, “Right now I am shooting for the show but not sure when my track will be seen.” He also clarifies that the show helped him display his acting skills and is happy that people have appreciated his performance and started liking his character. “I even got fan mails from Chandigarh. The viewers who have seen me in Swarg and now in Miley Jab Hum Tum are completely different and both categories have liked me. For an actor this is very important. I have no complaints whatsoever.”

We tried to contact Sreejita but she was not available.