Tapasya (Rashmi Desai) may seem to be paying well for all her (mis) deeds in Uttaran as she has landed in a chawl now! But as per our source, her cup of woes is far from emptying. "With Tapasya having to live in a chawl now, she has seen the filthy surroundings and now will have to go through all the problems a chawl resident faces, like standing in a queue outside the common toilet! With no money on her, she will soon go job hunting but since she does not have her certificates with her she will not get a job and will have to work as a housekeeper in a hotel."

And she will bump into Raghuvendra Rathore (Gaurav Chopra) in the same hotel, "She will meet Raghuvendra once more in the hotel and he will try to teach her a few things yet again leaving Tapasya no option but to leave the job."

On the other hand, her mother, Divya Thakur tries to find her but in vain. Also, Ichcha and Veer will grow apart as she doesn’t wish to speak to him and doesn’t want his help either. Meanwhile, Nani will see Pushkar and Masoom together which will lead to some more drama.

Rashmi Desai (Tapasya) remained unavailable for comment.