Rachna has taken a bold step by registering a complaint against Thakral (Ashutosh Rana) in Kaali Ek Agnipariksha. Though Thakral has landed in jail at the moment, he will be soon out on bail.

A source says, "Thakral won’t easily take all the humiliation by Rachna. He is smart enough to get out of this trouble; he gets bail soon and then works out a new plan against Rachna. Raghav played by Gaurav Bajpai who has just entered the show, supports Thakral as he believes Thakral is a clean man. He meets Anu (Rachna's cousin) at a party and falls in love with her. The couple hangs out with each other."

Our source continues, “When Raghav happens to know of Rachna accusations against Thakral, he manages to change Anu's mind and tells her how Thakral is a very good human being. Anu is the sole witness in Rachna's case, so if she backs out in the court then Rachna’s case won’t hold. Unfortunately Anu believes Raghav and goes against her sister. Our focus will be on the courtroom drama."