Zee TV is in for a major programming change as one of the most popular dailies, Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo gets a new slot. Apparently one of the reasons is the sudden decrease in the show ratings which may have prompted the channel to shift the show to 7.30 pm. A new show, Ram Milaye Jodi will take its place at 9.30 pm.

A source informs, ďAgle Janam has constantly been dipping. From being one of the top five shows for Zee, the show had just managed a TVR of 2.37 last week. So the channel decided to move it. The channel also feels the new show would probably do well at the prime time slot considering the content of the show. The change will happen from September 20.Ē

The lead actor of the show Abhishek Rawat says," Yes the time slot is being changed. It is the channel's decision and we really canít say much about it. I donít think that TRP is the only reason, because if it were so then we were a four day show now turning into a five day show. So TRP is definitely not the reason."

We sent a text message to Agle Janam producer, Siddarth Tewary but he did not revert.

Sukesh Motwani Fiction head Zee remained unavailable.