Sanjog Se Bani Sangini will have a dramatic one hour special episode this coming Saturday when Pihu( Additi Gupta) is set to tie the knot with Abhay (Raunaq Ahuja), Rudra (Iqbal Khan) would appear at the venue and create a scene in front of everyone.

A source says, “Pihu is still confused about whether to marry Abhay or not. Rudra arrives at the wedding scene and tries to stop it. Pihu does not change her decision and her father throws Rudra out of the house. He instructs the security guards to beat up Rudra so that he does not dare to return. Rudra gets badly injured and is emotionally hurt too as Pihu refuses to go along with him. Gauri happens to see his condition and is feeling sad for her friend. As soon as Gauri reaches there Rudra narrates the whole incident to her, he becomes so emotional he loses control. He takes out a gun from his pocket and threatens to shoot himself if Gauri doesn’t bring Pihu in front of him. Gauri gets scared and rushes to Pihu’s wedding venue. Pihu has already completed six pheras and that’s when Gauri reaches there and tells her about Rudra’s state. Pihu runs away from the mandap without completing her last phera. She meets Rudra and makes him understand the situation. However Rudra does not listen to her and kidnaps her. He manages to escape from there along with Pihu.”

Meanwhile, Shweta Tiwari will do a guest performance on the song Der na ho jaaye from the film Heena for the wedding sequence.