Uttaran has had a new entry. Gaurav Chopra has joined the cast playing the character of Virendra Pratap Rathore, a business tycoon. But even his presence won't make things simpler for Tapasya as Sid is still in the police custody and he will spill out the beans.

As per our source, "The police will arrest Tapasya in the attempt to murder Ichcha case. Sid tells the police about Tapasya's involvement in the same. Meanwhile before this track comes up, Tapasya and Gaurav's track will run as he will try helping her in all possible ways. But, she will try to avoid him and stay away from him. Her attitude will make him more curious about her."

Says Chopra, “My character is new to the show but it has great strength and a sense of authority. But Tapasya is very arrogant and in the upcoming episodes you will see the two clashing. Virendra will find Tapasya very interesting as he has never met a person who has challenged his authority before and whatever happens in Tapasya's life, his involvement is going to be obvious in it."

We tried getting in touch with Rashmi Desai (Tapasya) but she remained unavailable for comment.