The makers of Mera Naam Karegi Roshan had promised to solve all confusion regarding Reetís wedding in the maha episode telecast on Aug 28. However nothing of that sort happened and the viewer is still confused about who Reet is getting married to. The problems will be solved in the upcoming episodes as sources claim it would be Yagya who will take the saat pheras with Reet.

A reliable source from the show says, ďAt a crucial moment it is shown that Yagya has gone missing from the baraat and Kunwar Singh (Yashpal Sharma) and his wife (Lubna Salim), who have kidnapped him! Kunwar wants Reet to marry the ministerís brother-in-law Bheesham. Yagya though manages to escape just in time and reaches the venue where Reetís father is waiting for him. He escapes on a motor bike and with the help of Reetís father will get married to her.Ē