The rigours of shooting a daily soap like Papad Pol has left its lead actor Swapnil Joshi with no time to take up anything else. Swapnil, who plays Vinaychand, says, “There is no time left to even shoot for the next season of Comedy Circus, which I was offered. So nothing new at least for another six months I guess.”

In the meanwhile, Papad Pol will soon have a Janmashtami celebration, a one hour special episode on Friday.

According to sources, “There will be a fancy dress competition held between the 5 Pols, where Kokila’s Ameri Pol wasn’t interested to participate as they had earlier lost very badly. But watching Kokila’s enthusiasm, Vinaychand and other members prepare for the competition. But in the end, Kokila’s partner Mitesh quits as he is informed about his mother’s illness, something that Jayshree has plotted so that they don’t win. But as always Vinaychand comes to Kokila’s rescue and dances as Krishna with Kokila on Radha kaise na jale.”

Ami Trivedi aka Kokila Parikh says, “Krishanaji has always been my favourite and playing the role of Radha gives me a special feeling. It will be an interesting episode to look forward too.”

We hope too!