VIP, the popular stand-up comedian, last seen in Comedy Circus 4 will be seen playing eight different roles in tonight’s episode of Yeh Chandaa Kanoon Hai.

In this weekend special, which is also the 100th episode of the show, the talented, beautiful lawyer Chanda plans a holiday for herself on her birthday and takes off to Shikarpur. Vibhuti Narayan on getting to know this follows her to the train she’s taking. Not far behind, is the judge, Prem Kapoor who also tries to catch them on the way.

The laughter factor is raised a few more notches when VIP makes a special guest appearance as a ticker checker taking off on Ashok Kumar, a ticker seller like Mithun Chakravorty, a gay passenger, receptionist at a hotel like Johny Liver, in a spoof on Amitabh Bachchan’s Shahenshah, a coolie like Dada Kondke, a jailor like Asraani and a waiter like Rajkumar.

VIP confirmed this news as he said, “I was overwhelmed to play eight different roles at one go in the special episode and it wasn’t hectic at all to shoot as the team, especially Juhi Parmar (Chanda) supported me well.”

Here’s wishing them another successful 100 episodes!