Zee’s Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo will now introduce a twist with the return of Gangiya, the show’s most hated character. Gangiya has been brought back for the first time post leap and now she wants to avenge for the time she spent in the jail.

A source informs, “Ratan Rajpoot who plays Laali had been in the hospital for quite some time and the new track will now see her coming back in a few episodes. Gangiya is also back in a new avatar now. She wants to take revenge against Laali/Shyaamli. Shyaamli is on the way to Loha Singh’s haveli to bring Suman back but gets delayed somehow. Gangiya plans to kidnap her and even instructs all her men accordingly and even sends Laali’s photo. The goons also manage to catch hold of her but this will bring in a new twist.”

Ratan remained unavailable for comment.