In the Saturday episode of Emotional Atyachar the lead Gayatri Srivastava will put her three and a half year old relationship on test as she finds her boyfriend ‘Luv Khanna’ turning more to the two undercover agents.

Luv and Rashmi (undercover agent) after a volley of messages and calls, plan to meet up for a film just the next day! During their date, Luv talks about his girlfriend Gayatri but his relationship with Rashmi continues over the next few days.

Smelling a rat during the investigation, the EAT decides to check on Luv, find out if he was a serial cheater. At a farm house, Samaria was introduced to Luv as Rashmi’s friend and as Rashmi slowly slid out of the picture; Luv immediately got chatty and cozy with Samaria. He was even caught buying condoms for the agent on the hidden camera.

Gayatri obviously breaks down watching her boyfriend change loyalties and has a break down while confronting him. When the crew catches him in the washroom with the agent, she has a physical showdown with him!