We had already reported that Imagine's Sarvagunn Sampanna is taking a five year leap very soon!! However, there is much more drama to come before the jump in time takes place.

Presently, Swara (Pooja Bose) is in a miserable state after being banished by her in-laws, and to add to her agony, she is trying hard to get her husband Aditya (Mujtaba Ali Khan) out of jail. But Swara will soon have to come face to face with Abhay aka Sharad Kelkar who had earlier created a mess in her personal life, by revealing to all that she is a Lavni dancer!!

We hear that Sharad Kelkar will make his re-entry in tonight's episode.

A little birdie informs us that, "Sharad Kelkar's character will have a crucial role to play in the seperation of Aditya and Swara before the big leap is taken. This time being a partner in crime with Ragini (Sangeeta Kapure), Abhay would convince Swara to perform a Lavani dance. Aditya who witnesses this dance will be shattered, and this is where Swara uses the opportunity to get rude at Aditya so that she can get back to Deshmukh house".

When contacted, Sharad Kelkar confirmed the news saying, "Yes its two days now that I have started shooting for the show. It's again a small yet important cameo of about 2-3 episodes. It is basically going to be a continuation of the previous track, but with interesting twists and turns. It would be fun watching for the audience."