Anupriya Kapoor and Harshad Chopda have finally stepped into the shoes of Taani and Anurag in Tere Liye. The two have yet to meet on ‘screen’. In the forthcoming episodes Taani misunderstands Anurag as he ends up breaking her heart.

A source says, “There was one incident of hit and miss for Anurag and Taani. Anurag is in touch with all his school friends. Thus he happens to meet Subodh, a doctor now. He takes Anurag to his dispensary and later introduces him to Taani. Taani who has not met Anu for the past eight years is still in love with him.

“Anu’s behaviour confuses her and she thinks he too is in love with her. However her dreams of uniting with Anu will crash when Nupur, his girlfriend will arrive from the US. Taani questions Anurag that how could he fall in love with another girl when she still loves him so much. Anu says that he is in love with Nupur and if Taani has mistaken their friendship for love then she is wrong. Laboni hears their conversation and is upset with Anurag and warns Taani against meeting him again.”

It is said that Neha Janpandit will play Nupur but it’s still not clear if Ekta Kapoor will approve of her. Kapoor is yet to see the episodes and if she finds her unsuitable for the part, they may replace the actress.

Meanwhile Nupur’s entry is expected to happen this weekend but if things do not get sorted out then it can be pushed ahead and the makers will instead focus on Taani-Anurag’s love track.