Perneet Chauhan, who shot to fame, for her portrayal of Avni Gujral in Love Ne Mila Di Jodi is back in action and in a completely different serial. She will be seen playing a key role in next week's episode of Star One Horror Nights.

That is quite a change. So what prompted her to look at a horror show? "After Love Ne Mila Di Jodi, I was looking at something where I could show my acting talent. There were other offers too but I was not feeling very good about them. When this offer came to me I liked it so much that I agreed almost immediately. Working in a horror show is quite tough. You have to be in a mood where you can shout, scream and make scary faces!” says the actress who was far away from scaring people in her first role. "Avni and Natasha are completely different characters," says Perneet, currently shooting in Panchgani.

What about the role she is playing in Horror Nights? "I am playing Natasha. The story revolves around a bunch of college friends who will have a reunion after many years and how a small incident will change their lives completely. I cannot divulge more because the fun of watching it on screen will go away, but it is interesting," she smiles.

The actress is in the process of waiting for the right script so that she can be back in a full-fledged role soon.