Nupur is back on Miley Jab Hum Tum but since she has lost her memory, she doesn’t remember anything about having broken the hearts and hopes of Mayank, Gunjan and Samrat. So now the gang decides to get Nupur back to Excel College to help her recollect things.

A reliable source informs us, “Nupur has lost her memory and she cannot remember anyone. Therefore, Samrat, Mayank and Gunjan with help of Ash and Rohan decide to get Nupur back to college hoping she would remember everything. In the mean time, a parallel track will be shown between Ashwini and Rohan. Rohan is aware of Ashwini’s feelings for Samrat and now he will let his feelings aside and help Ash recover from the heartbreak. Ash will realize what Rohan feels for her and will fall for him eventually. In tonight’s episode Rohan will ask Ash whether she would be able to love someone again. She will admit she likes him. Things will eventually get better for Ash and Rohan as well.”

We got in touch with Nikhil Chaddha who plays Rohan but he refused to comment on it.