Mili (Hunar Ali) has already confessed that her heart beats for Abhi (Neil Bhatt) and that she is not in favour to marry Vishal in 12/24 Karol Bagh. In the coming episodes Mili tries to slit her wrist and creates a scene to win over Abhi's love.

Our source says, "Abhi is puzzled to know that his sister- in- law Mili is in love with him. Since Mili has warned him she will slit her wrist if he doesn’t accept her love. But Abhi tells her it does not make any difference to him as he cannot forget his wife Simi at all. Simi arrives in the parking lot when the two are talking to each other and is stunned to hear Abhi's confession. Soon Mili tries to slit her wrist and Abhi stops her but gets hurt.”

The source adds, "Simi is also surprised with her sister’s behavior. She asks her for an explanation especially when it was Mili who had helped her to unite with Abhi. Later the audience will see Mili marrying Vishal but will reveal to him that she doesn’t love him and won’t stay with him for a long time."