Bairi Piya is going to have dramatic week ahead when Balwant escapes police and succeeds in attacking Amoli (Supriya Kumari) and Digvijay (Sharad Kelkar) just when Amoli is about to admit her love for Thakur.

source from the show says, "Amoli bumps into Radhe on the steps of a temple but she feels it is her imagination. Later Balwant is on a mission to kill DV Thakur and he targets Thakurís car when he and Amoli are returning from the Janmashtami Ustav. After Balwant's attack, their car falls into a valley and they go missing. For some time everyone will think they are dead. But later it will be revealed they are still alive. This tragedy will bring them closer. Amoli develops feelings for Thakur and decides to confess her love for him, but before she does, she meets Radhe again. This time she is shocked to know that Radhe is alive. He too chooses to confront her. The next track has not been decided."

Radhe's (Shresth Kumar) re-entry will take place in the show tonight and he will come face to face with Amoli this weekend.