Priyanka Saini last seen in Ninja Pandav is stepping in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai next week as Sneha's mother. She has already begun shooting. Priyanka says, "It is a cameo for 3-4 months. I am playing Sharda, a widow who lost her husband at a young age. So she is pretty unhappy with her life. She is forced to be the head of the family as her family consists of all women. She is fulfilling all responsibilities of her family. It is a positive character. "

She adds, “Now the most important duty she has to fulfill is marry off her daughter Sneha. She is looking for a perfect match for her but Sneha's heart beats for Naitik as she isn't aware about his marital status. I have not played such a character in the past so let's see how people respond to it."

It is said Sneha and her mother will go to the Singhania house with a marriage proposal soon and will receive the shock of their life when they face the truth. Meanwhile since Sneha's track is going good and if it continues to fetch good numbers then it will be extended for few more months.