The recent rain sequence in Rajan Shahi’s ‘Chand Chupa Badal Mein’ hinted at an upcoming love triangle between Siddharth, Divya and Nivedita. The latest is Siddharth will finally realise his love for Nivedita.

A source from the show says, “Sid feels protective about Nivedita and he is good friends with Divya too. Divya has slowly accepted her feelings for Siddharth meanwhile Nivedita is confused about what she feels for Siddharth and has been running away from it for quite some time now. A puja sequence will be aired next week where Sid finally realizes he loves Nivedita and it is much more than friendship and some more twists are being planned in the next few episodes. Nivedita will also slowly come to terms with her feelings for Siddharth.”

We spoke to Abhishek Tiwari who plays Sid to know more about the track. Tiwari says, “Sid has slowly been observing the changes he is undergoing regarding Nivedita and soon he will know that he likes Nivi a lot.”

Rishma who plays Divya says, “As of now we haven’t shot for anything as such but yes, Divya likes Sid is all I know.”