Shiju Kataria, better known as Smriti, in Behnein will be back in the next three episodes. Apparently, soon there is going to be kahani mein aur ek twist. Behnein is based on the relationship between sisters and how life changes for them after their parents pass away.

Shiju confirmed this and says, "Three episodes from now, there will be a big twist. Smriti, who people think has died, will be back in Mihir and Purva's life but not in a negative role. It will be a positive track for Smriti."

Mihir and Purva have been coming close recently and expectedly, will have some issues once Smriti is back in their lives she adds. Shiju has already started shooting for the same and her track is expected to be aired sometime next week.

We tried calling Aalesha Khan (Purva) but she was not available.

We also called Mihir (Sudip Sahir) for confirmation but all he said was, "I have also heard about this but I am not sure how the script will move ahead."