Dimpy Ganguly, who married Rahul Mahajan on TV reality show ‘Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega’ in March this year, left his Worli house in the early hours of Thursday, after what she has described as a night of violent abuse, vowing never to return. There were bruises on her shin, right and left hand, while her left cheek was swollen. There was also a lump on her head.

The fight started over a text message received by Dimpy. Rahul became angry and asked Dimpy about the sender but Dimpy asked him to let her sleep. At this Rahul got furious and started beating up Dimpy, who called her friend for help. With this friend’s help, Dimpy escaped the ordeal by fleeing from the house at 4 in the morning.

When contacted, Rahul denied he hitting Dimpy. “It is not true at all. I just had dinner with Dimpy’s father,” .

A source said, “The abuse had started just a month after their national TV wedding. However, the intensity increased in the past month-and-a-half,”.

When contacted Dimpy, she said, “the problems started after I insisted on appearing for my second year exam. Rahul was not happy with my trips to Kolkata for the same.”
“When he got angry, he would also get physical. One such fight got so out of hand that I had to call my mother-in-law. Later he was angry that I had involved his mother in the affair,” Dimpy added.

She also alleged that during another fight, Rahul had pointed a gun at her. “He is a nice guy, but when he loses it, there is no telling what he might do.”

This is not the first time Rahul has been accused of domestic violence. Media reports had indicated his separation from his first wife, commercial pilot Shweta Singh, was because he used to hit her.