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Thread: Parul, Angad and Apoorva test their vocal chords..

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    Default Parul, Angad and Apoorva test their vocal chords..

    It's always fun to hum a song in front of kids to make them happy!! And this is what Ragini (Parul Chauhan) is trying to do for her on screen daughter Tamanna in Star Plus and Rajan Shahi's Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai.

    According to our source, "There is a particular sequence wherein little Tammi is angry and Ragini gets on a mission to please her and make her smile. Joining Ragini in this effort are Alekh (Angad Hasija) and Anmol (Apoorva Agnihotri). The trio also test their vocal chords and sing out a kiddish song to Tamanna. The song used for the sequence was especially composed for the occasion".

    But what made the song special was that Parul, Angad and Apoorva ended up singing it for real!!

    Angad Hasija confirmed this piece of news and said, "Yes, Parul, I and Apoorva sung this particular song. We had the recording of it done yesterday, and the shoot of the scene is yet to happen. The sequence is something where Tamanna is angry and we sing for her to make her smile".

    Elaborating further, Angad told us, "Apoorva and I had just one line to sing while Parul had quite a lot of lines (smiles). It was a very nice feeling to sing for a kid; it was a jolly song and we enjoyed it".

    Ask him who was the best singer amongst the three and he was quick to say, "Of course Parul!! She even told me that she sung very well. In fact, all girls sing better than men (smiles)".

    Angad misses Sara Khan and Kinshuk Mahajan on sets. "I miss them a lot as I have worked with them for three years now. This is a different phase altogether where Alekh has again lost his mental stability; his scenes are either alone, or with the kids. I enjoy working with kids, but at times it can get boring too. I am looking forward to the next phase where Alekh will get better".

    The song sequence will be aired coming Monday.

    As of now, catch your favorite actors humming a lullaby on Bidaai…
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