In life it so happens that both our beautiful and awful experiences come in the most unexpected ways, and this is exactly what our female lead Aastha Chaudhary of Colors' Aise Karo Naa Vidaa experienced recently on the sets.

An onlooker from the sets informs us that, "Few days back the team of Aise Karo Naa Vidaa was shooting for an action sequence where Reva (Aastha) had to run in a wet saree with her high heels on to save Yashwardhan (Anas Rashid) from getting hit by a car. But in the process the actress hurt herself many a times and at the end of the day was reeling in pain."

When contacted, Aastha Chaudhary in a state of distress asserted, "I never thought that this sequence would cause me so many injuries. After several re-takes I'm now suffering from an ankle sprain, broken nails both in the hand and toes, and I am also nursing bruises on my foot."

Elaborating on the sequence Aastha adds, "The sequence was actually very simple where I had to run and push Anas, so that the car doesn't bump him off. But due to rains I wasn't that comfortable sprinting in a wet saree, and the heels did not help the cause either as I tripped and fell lot many times. I then tried the flat sandals of other actors, but I was not comfortable as I did not get the right size. At the end of it, I shot this scene running bare footed, which actually gave rise to some hilarious scenes on the sets. At the end of it I thank my stars, as I did finish my scene come what may".

Well, guess Aastha will think twice before wearing her pointed shoes the next time it rains!!