This week the viewers are in for a shocker since Ruturaj Mahalim, one of the most talented dancers will be the one eliminated from DID L’il Masters. Ruturaj belongs to Dharmesh Sir’s team.

Our insider from the show says, “This week’s elimination shocked everyone. The show now has the final four left including Dharmesh’s Dhinchak team’s Vaishnavi and Jeetumoni. Also this week there were no special guests. But participants from DID Season one and two performed with the contestants and lent their support. Ruturaj performed with Siddhesh, while Atul performed with Saajan, Manoj and Kishore, Prince with Jeetumoni and Vaishnavi was paired with Alisha. Manoj surprised everyone by getting the highest votes this week.”

The finale of the show will be held on August 7 in Pune.