Anmol to declare an open challenge against Kaliprasad in Sony TV’s Maan Rahe Tera Pitaah…

Sony TV and Swastik Pictures, Maan Rahe Tera Pitaah a daughters fight to protect and uphold her father's respect is slowly summing down towards its core concept.

As per our knowledge Anmol (Archana Taide) the female protagonist of the serial comes to know about the hidden truths about her paternal uncle Kaliprasad (Varun Badola) that he was the one who had been feeding wrong medicines to her father from past nine years. To which Anmol decides to fight back with a stronger approach.

A Little Birdie informed us that, "In tonight's episode Anmol to avenge against her Chacha (uncle) Kaliprasad, will decide to form her own political party and contest elections against him. Also her love interest Ved (Rahul Arora) and her father Durgaprasad (Pramod Moutho) would be the only two supporting her in the same."

Our source also adds that, "Along with the revised track Anmol will also be seen in a completely changed look from the simple village girl to a mature and strong politician like look on lines of Soniya Gandhi with a saree and bun on her head."

When contacted, Archana Taide asserted, "Till now viewers were seeing the love story between Ved and Anmol but now the romantic track will take a set back and Anmol would be seen challenging Kaliprasad by entering into politics and her only aim would be to get back her fathers' respect."

So with the existing love track taking a set back the serial will get back to its original flavor.