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Thread: Ammaji to Die in Do Hanson Kaa Joda?

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    Default Ammaji to Die in Do Hanson Kaa Joda?

    If the buzz is to be believed the powerful character Ammaji portrayed by Gulfam Ali in Imagine’s Do Hanson Ka Jodaa will be shown as dead in the coming episode.

    Tellybuzz recently reported about the confusion that prevails during wedding of Sajni (Palak) in Imagine's Do Hanson Ka Jodaa produced by Rajshri production. Amidst major chaos Preeti (Shubhangi Atre) calls off Sajni's marriage to the thug Manohar. The entire family is happy when Pushkar (Sachim Ojha) came forward to marrying the girl. However their happiness will be short lived as Ammaji (Gulfam Ali) will get to know the real face of Ritu (Praneeta Sahu) very soon.

    Our source narrates, "With Ritu getting exposed Ammaji takes the bold decision of sending her out of the house, however it comes as a major shock to her when her son Neeraj (Naveen Sain) opts to support his wife and not his mother. In a fit of rage Ammaji, sends both of them out of the house which literally leaves her shaken. The lady who has always been biased and over protective towards Neeraj misses him a lot when he doesn't even turn up to be part of his sister Sajjani's wedding."

    If sources are to be believed, "His sister Ammaji will suffer a cardiac arrest soon after Sajni's wedding and will breathe her last. However before dying she will take promise from Suryakamal that he will never let Neeraj be alone, and that he will always carry out his responsibility towards his younger brother."

    Our khabroo further informed, "The death of Ammaji will bring about an emotional twist which will take the story further. The creative team is also contemplating of introducing a new family into the story line which will be the Maayka of Ritu."

    When contacted Gulfam Ali told us, "Yes I have also heard that Ammaji might die. As an actor I am fine with it. My role has been beautifully etched. I was shown negative in the beginning after which my role got extremely positive. Now I guess it is time to reach a new crescendo as far as the character is concerned.Infact the channel and production have been very forthcoming and have discussed the possibility of such a track with me. As of now I am not aware whether they have taken the decision of ending the character but I can tell you that if at all they do, that will be wonderful scene that will take the story to a different level."

    Guess it's going to be an emotional week ahead for viewers of Do Hanson Ka Jodaa!
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