Ajay Singh Chaudhary who was last seen in Behnein will now play horror horror in two episodes of Star One's Horror Nights with his mentor cum friend Anurag Basu. Ajay had started his TV innings with Basu’s SAB TV serial, Love Story.

Ajay says, “After shooting for Behnein, which I left as I didn’t find it interesting enough, I was sitting at home when I got a call from Anurag asking if I would like to act in Horror Nights. I was told that it was a love story, and that my character would be very distinguished compared to my earlier roles. I play a normal guy who is not so confident about himself. The way I have played it out is very different from the kind of roles I have done earlier."

Ajay is very enthusiastic about his re-connection with Anurag Basu, as “he is the finest director” and says, that Basu has even written and shot the episode.